Critical Thinking Skills Destroyed My Faith In Christianity – Jen Fishburne

Jen Fishburne was born into a Christian family. She always had a passion for the study of scripture. The various denominations of Christian churches caused her to desire what the Bible actually teaches. Over the years she began to apply critical thinking skills to her study of the bible. After applying a critical method she found herself further from the context of the narrative in the Bible.

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0:00: Introduction
1:38: Jen Fishburne’ biography
6:49: Jen’s first target: The Law of Moses
10:48: The importance to have learned Greek and Hebrew
14:48: Jen and full preterism
18:21: Two-house theology/Israel Only
22:00: Audience relevance
31:16: Debates on Facebook improved critical thinking
34:34: Adopting universalism: a more ethical position
40:01: On Jen being done studying the Bible or not (amazing stuff!)
52:47: No longer a Christian, but what about believing the stories?
57:19: Advice from Jen to believers
1:01:48: More on Jen’s thoughts about preterism
1:03:53: Jen on Paul’s historicity and letters
1:10:40: Last advice from Jen

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