Creation Versus Evolution – How to Explain to Children that God Created Us in His Image


If we evolved from apes, why has nothing evolved from us?

Telling a child that we were created by an eternal God (Ref. Genesis 1:27) can be a difficult concept to grasp. Using the Word of God and diving into some detailed research, we can support that an eternal God, our God, created us, and any other possible evolution theory is false.

Lee Ann details the truth against these theories by addressing the following questions this episode:

  • Was the world created in a big bang of gases?
  • How old is the earth? Is it millions of years old?
  • Does the Bible mention the Ice Age? (Ref. John 21:25)
  • Did we come from apes? ( Ref. 1 Corinthians 15:39)
  • How did God fit the dinosaurs onto Noah’s ark?
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