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10 commandments for kids

For a 10 Commandments for kids lesson, loads of creative options exist to supplement the material. It’s a snap to make your Sunday school class, children’s church, or VBS session extra fun and memorable. Simply use these 10 Commandments for kids craft ideas, games, and activities for a “thou shalt enjoy” adventure!

Students will learn Scripture and discover why God’s followers strive to obey his laws.

10 Commandments for Kids: 10 Ideas to Try


Playing active games at the beginning of a lesson helps children engage (and burn off some energy). Meanwhile, playing games at the end of a lesson, when time allows, reinforces what students learned.

1. Cup Knock Down

First, the teacher calls out commandments one at a time in this active kidmin game. Players then take turns trying to knock down a cup that represents each law.

2. Tablet Water Painting

10 Commandments for kids

Tactile learners will love this activity. And teachers will love how mess-free it is. Simply have young kids “paint” flat rocks with water. They can either free-paint or trace words of Scripture. Just write a commandment (or a few words from it) on the rock ahead of time, in white crayon.

3. 10 Commandments for Kids Bingo

10 Commandments for kids

After a lesson about the Ten Commandments, use these free printable bingo cards to play a fun wrap-up game.


4. Make Your Own Tablets

10 Commandments for kids

Creative children’s ministry workers use all kinds of supplies and props for a lesson on God giving Moses the law. But we especially love this innovative idea: “boogie boards” from a dollar store!

5. A “Handy” Craft

10 Commandments for kids

With this clever craft, children use their 10 fingers to remember each of the 10 Commandments.


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