CHRISTIAN MOM MORNING ROUTINE: 6 Habits to Transform Your Life

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Today’s Video I am sharing with you 6 transformational habits you can implement RIGHT NOW to be the best mama you can be for your family.
Glorifying God by your Life. I have been on a mission for the past month to implement all of these habits of getting up early, reading the Bible, doing my devotionals and prayers, exercising and moving my body outside, eating and drinking nourishing foods, getting dressed and refreshed every day to dress for my chosen job as homemaker, drinking enough water and planning every aspect of my day, month and year in my life planner. The results have been transformational and it has changed my life!

video chapters
00:00 intro
00:48 habit 1 get up before dawn
01:22 habit 2 spend time with Jesus
03:47 habit 3 move your temple
08:23 habit 4 nourish your body
09:19 habit 5 dress for the job as homemaker
13:41 habit 6 plan your life

the religious books I mentioned in today’s video are for educational purposes only. by using and linking these items, it does not mean that I endorse everything that the authors of said materials, do or say, nor do I follow all of the same religious teachings they present.

what is your religion? I am a traditional Roman Catholic
are you married? I have been happily married for almost 10 years
how many kids do you have? I have 6 beautiful children

alarm clock
my current favorite water cup
Daily Bible Study
Better Mom Devotional
BeachBody On Demand Workouts

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