Christian Leave – Ain't No Reason (Live)

Superstar EP:

Director: Neema Sadeghi & Christian Leave
Production Company: ANNO
Producer: Brent Assayag
Prod. Coord: Sydny Furuichi
DP: Neema Sadeghi
Steadicam: Zac Stanke
Operator (C Cam): Jackson Mach
1st AC: Jake Coury
1st AC (B Cam): Bennett Lees
Gaffer: Sebastien Nuta
Board Op: Chris Van Lieshout
KG: Jackson Mach
Production Design: Nolan Kresnak
PA: Andrew Neal
Editor: Neema Sadeghi
Color: Dylan Hageman

Drums: Rhys Hastings
Bass: Keith Karman
Keys: Hany Zayan
Guitar: Waylon Rector
Violin: Marta Honer, Rachel Grace, Daniel Adams
Cello: Derek Stein
Vocals: Christian Leave

As of lately
I feel like I’m from outer space
The days that I had you keep on slipping away

Ain’t no wonder
Ain’t no time
Ain’t no living gonna help us survive

Ain’t no reason
To make, to make me feel like I do
I’m going insane

I take more than I give
Tried to be safety
Tried to let you in

Ain’t no wonder
Ain’t no time
Ain’t no living gonna help us realign

Ain’t no reason
To make me
Stay and think about you
Push me away

Ain’t no reason
To make
Me stay and think I have you
Feel the decay


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