Children’s Ministry Thanksgiving Decorating Idea: Grateful Graffiti

Use this decorating idea: Grateful Graffiti in your hallway with kids’ and parents’ expressions of thanks this Thanksgiving.

Children’s Ministry Thanksgiving Decorating Idea: Grateful Graffiti

To make your grateful graffiti wall, hang yellow, blue, green, and purple pieces of butcher paper in a rectangular or square shape on a wall inside or next to your classroom. Then create paper pockets to hold black markers on each piece of butcher paper using butcher paper and tape.

Create a sign that reads, “Grateful Graffiti. What are you thankful for?” using a yellow puffy-paint pen on a black piece of cardstock. Then hang the sign in the center of the paper where the four corners of the colored paper meet.

Encourage kids to write the things they’re thankful for, such as friends, family, God, and food. Then have them invite their friends and families to write their grateful graffiti on the wall, too. You can encourage kids to make this their writing on the wall look more like graffiti by using fun fonts and small drawings. Remind children that it’s okay to write what they are thankful for in normal handwriting if that makes them more comfortable.

Wendy Anderson
Alberta, Canada


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