Children’s Ministry Game for All Ages: Lighthouse

In this children’s ministry game, kids discover Jesus is the light of the world as they explore the importance of light.

This game helps kids explore Luke 2:1-20 with the Bible story: Jesus, the Light of the World, is born.

Children’s Ministry Game: Lighthouse

Say: Jesus is the light of the world. Sometimes our world seems dark, like it’s full of sadness.


  • What are some things that make you feel sad or worried?

Say: Things like [some of the things kids shared] can make life feel dark. But Jesus is the light of the world! And Jesus’ light can help us go forward with hope! Let’s see how light can help us keep going.

  • Have kids form a circle around the edge of your space.
  • Ask a willing child to stand in the center of the circle to act as a Lighthouse.
  • The Lighthouse will extend his or her arms straight out in front, with hands angled out. The space between those hands will represent a beam of light shining out at the circled kids.
  • Ask the Lighthouse to spin in place. When the “beam” is on kids in the circle, they can move toward the Lighthouse, but when the “beam” moves past they must freeze in place.
  • The first person to get to the Lighthouse takes on that role. Call out directions to your Lighthouse to keep things interesting, such as “Switch direction!” “Speed up!” or “Slow down!”
  • Let the game keep going as long as needed to fill time until parents begin to arrive.

This children’s ministry game comes from DIG IN Children’s Church. When you have extra time you need to fill, DIG IN Children’s Church has got you covered with the Overtime Activity block, where you’ll find activities like these ones that require no supplies and no prep! For even more game ideas, check out these posts!

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