Children’s Message for MLK Day: God Loves Everyone

This MLK Day, kids will discover how God loves and values all people while they explore the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman in John 4.

Scripture: John 4:1-26

You’ll need:

Message for MLK Day

The Samaritan Woman

Say: This week we celebrate the birthday of a man who understood that God values all people and how our differences make us all special. Martin Luther King Jr. was a great man who helped people realize that God created all people in a unique and beautiful way and that our differences can bring people together instead of keep us apart. Martin Luther King Jr. behaved a lot like Jesus in the way he treated people.

Open your Bible to John 4:1-26, and show the children the words.

Say: The Bible tells about how some people treated others from a country named Samaria. Have kids find a partner and stand back to back. It’s kind of like how you’re standing. They wanted nothing to do with Samaritans. They turned their backs on each other.

But not Jesus. He treated all people with love. Jesus talked with a Samaritan woman. He told her that God loved her no matter who she was or what she had done, and she could live forever with him! She was so happy, she told other people from Samaria. Because of her, lots of people heard about our awesome God who loves everyone! Have kids turn to face their partners and hug or give a high-five. That’s how God wants us to treat everyone.

God Loves Everyone


  • Have you ever felt different from everyone else? When?

Say: What if God had made all of us the same? The same colors, the same talents, the same personalities? Pretty boring, huh? Have kids stand back to back with their partners again. We all have felt different at one time or another. Maybe it was in a good way—like you were the only one who got an A+ on the big math test, or maybe you’re the only one in your family who can play a musical instrument. But maybe you’ve felt different before because of something not so great. Like maybe you were the “new kid” or maybe all your friends have brand-new bikes while you’re stuck riding your older brother’s hand-me-down bike.

Sometimes people can be mean to people who are different from them. But God wants us to treat everyone with love—just as Jesus did. Have kids hug their partners or give high-fives.

Close in prayer: Thank you, God, for sending people like Martin Luther King Jr. who help us see people the way you see them. Help us every day to thank you for our differences and treat others with the love of Jesus. In his name, amen.

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