Children’s Message for All Ages: God Gives Us Peace


Jesus told his disciples not to worry about what they would eat, drink, or wear. He reminded them that God feeds the birds and dresses the flowers, and God will take care of us. In Galatians, Paul reminds us that peace is a fruit of the Spirit. Use this message to help children learn that when we believe in God and trust him, God will help us have peace.

God Takes Care of Us

You’ll need:

Ask kids to each think about something they often worry about (or are worried about right now). Have them strike a worried pose and tense all their muscles. Then tell them to let it go.

Say: Jesus says we worry when we don’t need to! Let’s listen to Jesus and try this again. When I say “go,” get into your worried pose again and keep all your muscles tight! I’ll tell you when you can relax. Ready? Go!

Read aloud Matthew 6:25-27. Say: Okay, you can relax your face and neck muscles now (but only those muscles!)—Jesus tells us he’ll take care of us.

Read aloud verses 28 to 30. Say: You can relax your arms and hands now—Jesus tells us he’ll provide us with the things we need.

Read aloud verses 31 and 32. Say: You can relax your legs and lie down now—Jesus tells us to trust him because he knows what we need.

Read aloud verses 33 and 34. Say: Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Jesus tells us not to worry but instead to focus on living for him—and he’ll take care of all those other things for us.

God Gives Us Peace

Lead this discussion: Explain which you like better: being worried or being relaxed. Tell about something God has taken care of that you worried about. Tell about something you need to trust God for right now. Give your own examples for the last two questions; then let kids share.

Say: We’re more important to God than the flowers and birds. He takes care of them, so he must want to take care of us, too! The Bible reminds us that God gives us peace. God will take care of us. All we have to do is trust him.

This children’s message was taken from Grow Together Now, Vol.1. This resource is full of hands-on Bible lessons featuring the character qualities of forgiveness, peacemaking, and having a servant’s heart. For more free ideas, check out these posts!

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