Can You Teach Your Children to Love All People?

How can we teach our children not to be biased in a world that is clearly biased?

Today’s subject is a touchy one, so I would like to share a few ways we can help our children to not judge by the color of our skin:

  • The first and most important thing you can do to help your child love unconditionally is to show unconditional love for others. Your children watch and hear everything you do and say! Examine yourself—confess your sins—and pray for transformation if you judge and condemn others because of the color of their skin. Never make a joke and don’t laugh at racist jokes either. That is how seeds of racism are planted.
  • Read to your children the story of how God created Adam from the dirt of the earth. Show them pictures of the different colors of the earth (as shown below). Show them the different colors of soils and explain that God created people from the dirt of the earth.
  • Provide an opportunity for your children to engage with all different types of people.
  • Teach your children about how other ethnicities celebrate their religion, holidays, or culture.
  • When you donate or help others, make sure to take your children with you. Let them see how you love all people, regardless of their status in the world.
  • Make sure the picture books you are reading to your children are diverse in nature.
  • Make sure to have a discussion with your children about race issues.
  • Recite Bible verses that include the unity of all people without judgment.

We need a revolution! And our children can be the ones to usher in a new generation who love the Lord with all their hearts and minds and love all people, regardless of race color or creed!

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