Building Faith in Kids w/ Award-winning Children’s Book Author Jill Roman Lord


“We love because he first loved us. And it’s the same with kids. Kids need to feel love in order to be able to love others. Love can change the world; that starts with us and our kids.” – Jill Roman Lord.

Jill Roman Lord is an award-winning author of over 30 Christian children’s books. She and her husband have raised three Jesus-loving kids who have flown the coop, leaving them to navigate the empty nest on their own.

During this episode, Jill discusses the impact of children’s literature on developing a personal relationship with God. She delves into her latest books that focus on teaching children how to love well and incorporate God’s teachings into their lives. She also explores the significance of board books in shaping young minds and shares parental advice on navigating the challenges of raising children in today’s world.

Jill talks about a few of her children’s books and what children can learn from them:

  • Love Well My Precious One – addressing the theme of love and sharing with others; this book teaches children that little acts of love can make a big impact in the world.
  • Noah’s Joyful Ark – a board book for kids exploring the joyful aspect of being on Noah’s ark; this book encourages readers to roar, bark, and hee-haw along with all of God’s creatures, reminding children that even on gloomy days, they can look for God’s love in a rainbow.
  • If Jesus Lived Inside my Heart – a board book for babies that explores the presence of Jesus in our lives; this story helps toddlers learn how to be kind and generous in different situations, while being introduced to Jesus.
  • The Noisy Night – a new twist to the Christmas story of Jesus’s birth, exploring what the night might have been like if all the creatures and people celebrated the birth of Jesus in their own God-given ways.

“There have actually been multiple studies done to show that generosity improves the emotion of the person receiving and the emotion of the person giving. It’s actually a 3-fold that helps the receiver, the giver, and then the receiver also wants to pay it forward and love also and be generous.” – Jill Roman Lord.

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