Build Community This Thanksgiving With a “Thanksgathering”

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time of togetherness and gratefulness. So consider hosting an informal “Thanksgathering” with families at your church. Here’s how!

How to Host a “Thanksgathering”

  • Ask each family to bring a can of food to donate to a food bank. Provide nametags so no one is a stranger.
  • Begin with a brief worship time that includes favorite hymns and choruses, a children’s message, and prayer for families’ joys and concerns.
  • Ask family members to tell favorite Thanksgiving stories, or invite children to tell what they’re grateful for.
  • For a great time of fellowship, invite families to bring a snack or beverage that they’re thankful to share.
  • Families can also bring board games for all ages and set them up for everyone to enjoy at the Thanksgathering. Charades is a fun game for several families to play together. Have a couple of easels set up so people can play Pictionary.
  • Set up an area with arts and crafts supplies for younger kids.
  • Encourage people to mingle and visit with one another. The Thanksgathering is a great time for your family members to get to know their church family.

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