Beatitudes Children’s Activities: 14 Sunday School Ideas


Beatitudes children's activities
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Do you need Beatitudes children’s activities? Then keep reading! Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount—especially the Beatitudes in Matthew 5:3-11—is a great topic for Sunday school and children’s church. Kids of all ages can apply the lessons in Jesus’ eight “Blessed are…” statements.

When preparing Beatitudes children’s activities, use age-appropriate wording and examples. For preschoolers, explain that “blessed” can mean “happy.” Also use real-life, kid-friendly examples for “meek” and “righteousness.” For older kids, describe types of persecution Christians can face.

To help you prepare kidmin lessons, we’ve gathered Beatitudes resources. Use these to bring Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount to life. Then share your favorite resources in the comments!

Beatitudes Children’s Activities: 14 Resources

Here are Sunday school lessons, activities, crafts and more. Adapt these Beatitudes children’s activities for little learners!

1. Beatitudes: Recipe for Happiness

First up, use this recipe object lesson from Sermons4Kids. It explains Jesus’ Beatitudes to younger children.

2. Bee-Attitudes for Children

Sunday school students will enjoy this message. Plus, they’ll learn where to find true happiness.

3. Trust in the Lord

Help children discover that trusting in Jesus leads to blessings.

4. Searching for Happiness

Next, this children’s sermon about the Beatitudes is based on Luke 6:17-26.

5. Kids Lesson on the Beatitudes

What is the Hamburger of Happiness? Find out in this resource!

6. Biblical Beatitudes

This site is filled with kid-friendly explanations about Jesus’ teachings.

7. Interactive Beatitudes Resources

Children will enjoy—and learn from—these creative activities.


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