Aubrey Sampson: Helping Kids Find Their Identity in Christ and Embrace Big Emotions

Aubrey Sampson, mother of three boys, serves as a teaching pastor at Renewal Church, a multiethnic congregation in Chicago, and Timberlake, a multisite church across the Seattle area. She is an author, coach, and cohost of the radio show The Common Good and the podcast Nothing Is Wasted.

During this episode, Lee Ann and Aubrey discuss the importance of helping kids embrace their true identity in Christ and help them understand that God knows them and loves them no matter what.

They discuss how Aubrey’s book, Big Feeling Days, can help little kids with big emotions know that God loves them and is right next to them, no matter what they feel. They also discuss her book, Known: How Believing Who God Says You Are Changes Everything, which helps kids understand and embrace what it means to be created and named in the image of God. Both ladies delve into the significance of feeling known by God and the impact it has on individuals, particularly in the context of parenting.

Key Takeaways:

  • Even Christians may struggle with feeling known by God.
  • The concept of being known by God is foundational to the Christian faith.
  • Exploring the idea of being made in the image of God and being deeply known by Him.
  • The importance of experiencing the intimate love of God.
  • Connecting the concept of being known by God to the idea of being the bride of Christ.
  • Relating the concept of false naming to the story of the Garden of Eden
  • Reasons why people may adopt false identities, such as trauma, lack of belief in God’s love, and societal pressures.
  • Common false names or identities people carry, such as “too needy” or “too emotional.”
  • The notion that God wants to remove false names and reveal true identities.
  • The significance of repetition and reminders for children about their identity in Christ
  • The four rhythms of renewal are gospel, good neighbor, generosity, and growth.

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