Are You Looking for Devotionals to Track Your Baby’s Growth & Milestones?

“Our failures where we do not image God perfectly are opportunities to talk to our children and ask for forgiveness for messing up.” -Catherine Larson.

After graduating with a master’s in biblical studies from Reformed Theological Seminary, Catherine Larson spent seven years writing with Chuck Colson for BreakPoint radio, Christianity Today, and Newsweek online. Today, she writes amidst the clatter and curiosity of six young children.

Catherine is the author of two beautiful devotional journals, Waiting in Wonder: Growing in Faith While You’re Expecting and Watching in Wonder: Growing in Faith During Your Baby’s First Year. These books seek to lead moms closer to God while journaling prompts offer a unique way to treasure milestones and jot down prayers and love notes for one’s growing baby.

During this episode, Catherine elaborates on the following key points:
  • Encouragement for moms who may find themselves stressed out about the delivery of their baby.
  • How a new mom can engage with their children and enjoy the first year of parenting without feeling the pressure to be perfect.
  • Good habits moms can develop in the early days of parenting.
  • Advice for moms with energetic children or boy moms that want to change the narrative from raising “obnoxious loud boys” to raising Christlike men.

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