Are You Looking for a New Way to Connect With Likeminded Mothers?

“No two mothers are alike. No two experiences in motherhood mirror each other. But something powerful happens when our stories come together: they speak love, worth, value, and beauty.” -Leslie Means.

Leslie Means, the founder and owner of the popular website “Her View from Home,” is passionate about connecting women through heartfelt stories on motherhood, marriage, faith, and grief. She is a former news anchor, a weekly columnist and has published several short stories.

During this episode, Leslie gives us insight into why she created her website, Her View from Home, and the impact she hopes it will bring on mothers or anyone who wants to share their stories. Her platform includes tons of women’s articles on motherhood, marriage, relationships, and faith. Leslie also discusses her book, So God Made a Mother, hoping it will encourage mothers amid the chaos and the many challenges we face in today’s society. She emphasizes how the most common challenge mothers face today is loneliness and connection, especially in the last few years after covid. She shares advice for moms who are in the trenches and feeling lonely about the reward of opening yourself up and being vulnerable to make those connections in life either online or in person.

Leslie gives encouragement to moms who are trying to navigate the chaos of today’s world while raising Christian children. She shares the importance of setting boundaries for families and the benefits of knowing who your kids spend their time with.

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