Arab American Heritage Month Resources for 2024


April is National Arab American Heritage Month in the U.S. This month invites us to learn more about the histories, experiences, and contributions of people in the United States who are of Middle Eastern, Southwest Asian, and North African descent. It also calls us to address the injustices that people who identify as Arab have endured and to promote justice, equity, and well-being with and for Arab communities in the U.S. and beyond.

To help Christian communities lift up Arab American voices and stories during April and throughout the year, we at Building Faith have assembled a list of resources. This list includes new and recent books and reading lists, articles, resource hubs, podcasts, videos, and virtual exhibits. We hope that this list offers churches a starting point for gaining greater understanding of Arab American histories and cultures and for engaging in justice efforts with Arab American communities.


Books for Adults

Reading Lists for Children, Youth, & Adults


Resource Hubs



Virtual Exhibits

  • Arab American National Museum – Digital resources available on the museum’s website include materials from their core galleries, a playlist of videos for the museum’s digital scrapbook project in 2019, and a free downloadable book on the history of Arab American immigration

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