About the Children’s Department: Thankful for Faithful Volunteers

When it comes to Children’s Ministry there is no shortage of things you need so you are able to provide ministry to children, but clearly one of the biggest needs is for volunteers. As you focus on being thankful this year, take time to thank God for the volunteers you have . . . even if you need more, be thankful, ever so thankful, for the volunteers you have!And, take time to show your thankfulness to your volunteers as well. Consider a couple ways to do this . . . 

Being thankful involves saying it – from the heart – and showing it . . . if you are too busy to do these things, you are too busy. Plan into your “datebook” time to focus on expressing your thanks. If you really think you do not have the time to do it – either find the time or find someone who can head up the volunteer appreciation so you are able to show your thanks, but you will still need to stay focused on saying it to your volunteers – regularly and from the heart!

So, as you think about being thankful . . . be truly thankful for your faithful volunteers! What do you do to do this?

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