About the Children’s Department: More Info About Deeper In for Children

The Grace year of  Deeper In for Children  curriculum for elementary age children and the Preschool/Early Elementary level are now available. Each quarter of Deeper In for Children will include thirteen weekly Bible events for Sunday School, thirteen weekly Bible events for a Second Service/longer Sunday School/Mid Week, optional Bible event for Christmas, optional Bible event for Resurrection Sunday, AND Anchored  supplemental curriculum to help you teach the “whys”.

Deeper In for Children is a unified curriculum so all ages learn about the same Bible event the same week. It is designed to engage children so they help teach each week’s Bible event because we want them to remember what they learn and studies show we all remember 95% of what we teach others.
With Deeper In for Children you will get everything you need for a full quarter of digital curriculum for both age levels priced at only $50.00! And, if you decide to order a full year of Deeper In for Children you will be able to get both age levels at a special price of $150.00.

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