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In the church today, we have everything buttoned up perfectly. The music is flawless, the sermon well-prepared and smoothly delivered, and the grounds meticulously kept. People come on time and go home on time. But a fundamental element is missing. The business of church has undermined the individual’s need to truly live for Christ, so much so, that only a limited few are seeing their life impact the world.

Dwight L. Moody takes us deep into Scripture and paints a clear picture of what ought to be an individual’s life for Christ. The call for each Christian is to become an active member in the body of Christ. The motive is love for the Lord and our neighbor. The result will be the salvation of men, women, and children everywhere.

Jubilee Bible text. Used by permission. Narrated by Lyle Blaker.
Updated and Annotated.
Copyright © 2017 by Aneko Press, 203 E Birch St., Abbotsford, WI 54405

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~ Contents ~
Opening Credits…00:00
Ch. 1: Take Away the Stone…00:11
Ch. 2: Love, the Motive and Power for Service…27:45
Ch. 3: Faith and Courage…59:21
Ch. 4: Faith Rewarded…01:30:43
Ch. 5: Enthusiasm…01:45:50
Ch. 6: The Power of Little Things…02:09:42
Ch. 7: “She Has Done What She Could.” (Mark 14:8)…02:45:47
Ch. 8: “Who Is My Neighbour?” (Luke 10:29)…03:10:49
Ch. 9: “Ye Are the Light of the World.” (Matthew 5:14)…03:38:20
About the Author…04:03:11

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