8-Day Family Devotion Guide for Easter

With this easy Family Devotion Guide for Easter, you can give every family this Sunday-to-Sunday at-home faith growth conversation starter. They’ll discover the Good News of Easter—from Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday.

Family Ministry: 8-Day Family Devotion Guide for Easter

Palm Sunday Discovery

Scripture: Luke 19:28-40

Talk About It: Have family members each share their favorite way to celebrate a special occasion or event. It might be a party, family time, or going to a favorite restaurant. Talk about how your family will celebrate Easter this week. Tell your kids that because of Easter, we have a reason to celebrate every day.

Monday Discovery

Scripture: Mark 11:15-19

Talk About It: Have family members each share their favorite thing about going to worship at church. If applicable, parents can share a favorite memory of going to church as a child. Talk about other places you go where you feel welcomed and special. Brainstorm how your family can help others feel welcome in your home, in the community, and at church.

Tuesday Discovery

Scripture: Mark 12:41-44

Talk About It: Ask family members to each share about a time they’ve given up something. Ask about how it made them feel and what made it easy or difficult. Then talk about the sacrifice Jesus made for everyone at Easter and what kind of difference it’s made in your lives.

Wednesday Discovery

Scripture: Mark 14:3-9

Talk About It: Tell about a time you did something kind for someone else. Talk about how your kindness encouraged that person. Have all your family members talk about something kind they’ve done for others. As a family, think of a way you can show kindness to someone this week.

Thursday Discovery

Scripture: Mark 14:12-25

Talk About It: Tell about your best friend as a child. Then have family members each talk about their best friend. Talk about the qualities of a good friend. Are there sacrifices you’d make for a friend? Describe one way you could show friends they’re important to you; then commit to doing so this week.

Friday’s Discovery

Scripture: Mark 15:33-41

Talk About It: Talk about a time you admitted a sin to a friend. Explain what happened because of your confession. Ask family members to share a similar story. Encourage each other to admit your sins to Jesus daily and ask for forgiveness.

Saturday’s Discovery

Scripture: Mark 15:42–16:1

Talk About It: Have family members tell about someone who’s died and what they remember most about that person (it could even be a pet). Talk about how you each keep Jesus alive in your lives every day.

Sunday’s Discovery

Scripture: Mark 16:2-8

Talk About It: Share about a time you received or delivered great news about something or someone. How did that make you and that person feel? Discuss the good news of Jesus’ Resurrection and why it’s important to share this great news with others.

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