8 Awesome Christmas Tree Ornaments to Make With Kids


Does your church like to help kids make Christmas tree ornaments each year? If so, we’ve got ideas for you! Check out these 8 awesome ornaments we found on Pinterest. Perhaps you’ll find the perfect project to help kids and their families celebrate Jesus’ birthday.

Pause for a moment and envision the ornaments on your family’s Christmas tree. Do you have a favorite? Which one makes you smile? Which ornament do you sneakily move to the back of the tree for a little less visibility? (You know you have one!)

Many families enjoy showcasing their children’s creativity and craftiness on their Christmas trees each holiday season. It’s so fun when little fingers craft sparkly decorations to celebrate Jesus and create precious memories to revisit year after year.

That’s why many churches like to help kids craft Christmas tree ornaments during the Christmas season. And we’re here to help! We’ve scoured and pinned 8 awesome Christmas tree ornaments that kids can make at your church this season. Some are great for younger children with limited fine motor skills. Others are perfect for older kids who are up for a challenge.

Take a look! Which ones will your church help children make this Christmas?

1. Cupcake Liner Ornaments

Make these ornaments with younger kids. Consider gluing the cupcake liners ahead of time and having your young friends add foam stickers. If using pompoms, be ready to help kids with glue!

2. Spiral Tree Ornaments

Try this with preschool and lower elementary kids. You may want to pre-cut the spirals for preschoolers, but lower elementary kids will love practicing their scissor skills.

3. Q-Tip Snowflake Ornaments

Upper elementary kids will love this geometrical challenge! Be sure to have kids write their name and the date on the back.

4. Candy Cane Ornaments

What a fun way to practice fine motor skills! Be ready to help little fingers secure each end of the candy cane and tie the ribbons.

5. Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Ornaments

More fine motor skills practice? You’ve got it! Consider pre-twisting chenille wires for young children—or have older kids help their younger friends!

6. Pipe Cleaner Lollipop Ornaments

Got lots of chenille wires in your supply closet? Here’s another sweet idea!

7. Pompom Christmas Wreath Ornaments

This could get a little sticky…but isn’t it pretty? Consider taking polaroid pictures of kids for kids to place at the center of the wreath.

8. Tealight Snowmen Ornaments

Are the older kids at your church looking for a challenge? Just imagine how parents facing will light up when they see this shining snowman. Consider giving kids permission to make other Christmas characters, too! They could even make faces of angels, shepherds, and wise men! Here are some tealights to get you started.

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