7 Must-Listen Christian Songs About Jesus

Being a Christian means remembering Jesus in all that we do and taking time to celebrate Him and show our appreciation for Him. The best way to do this is by finding time in our everyday lives to do so. For example, reading scriptures, going to a church service, praying, etc. Another simple way to honor Him is by listening to Christian songs about Jesus. These songs will surely bring the spirit into your home and help you be mindful of Jesus. 

God So Loved the World by City of Enoch

Perhaps the most widely known and loved Christian scripture is John 3:16 – “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” That scripture is absolutely and brilliantly true. This song provides a beautiful and deeply moving modern rendition and testimony of this truth.

Come Unto Jesus by Nashville Tribute Band

The happy and upbeat style of this tune really brings out the joy of coming unto Jesus. As the verses say, He invites every last one of God’s children on the earth to come unto Him and find rest from their burdens and light to chase away the darkness.

I Can Only Imagine by Vocal Point

Ahmad S. Corbitt encouraged everyone to “use your imaginations to increase faith in Christ.” If you listen to this song and truly try to imagine what it will be like to be with Jesus in heaven it can really increase your faith.

Jesus, Once of Humble Birth by Gentri

This song describes the humble sacrifice of Jesus the Lamb and the conquering glory of Jesus the King. This particular performance has gentle beginnings and magnificent swells that match this portrayal of both amazing roles of Jesus Christ.

Peace In Christ by McKenna Hixson

This song is a simple, but powerful testimony that there is always peace in Christ, no matter what commotion is happening on earth.

Hands of the Healer by Brandon Heath

We often talk about “comfort food,” and along that same line, this would definitely be a “comfort song”. The melody is laid back yet catchy, joining forces with the words to testify of the peace and joyful rest we can have when we hand our burdens over to Jesus.

Jerusalem by City of Enoch

The harmonies in this song are stunning. The words, a letter to the people of Jerusalem in Jesus’ day, are deeply thought-provoking. Are we different from them? Do we truly recognize the miracles He is performing right now? Are we ashamed that the simple, yet glorious gospel that He taught us isn’t as “sophisticated” and “progressive” as current worldly philosophies? We don’t have to be. We can repent and become humble, faithful, and ready to receive Him.

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Final Thoughts On These Christian Songs About Jesus

We hope you enjoyed these beautiful Christian songs. Listening to Christian music is just one of the many ways to invite the spirit and make time for Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. Be sure to comment below with your favorite Christian songs so we can add them to our articles! 

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