7 Keepsakes Moms Will Love

Mother’s Day craft ideas for Sunday school abound on Pinterest. We found lots of clever ideas and want to share them with you!

Mother’s Day is a great chance to celebrate mom and teach children how to “honor your mother and father” (Exodus 20:12).

We love these seven creative Mother’s Day craft ideas for Sunday school. They’ll help you engage kids at your church as they honor Mom!

7 Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Sunday School

1. I Love You Because… Pictures

(Idea from and directions available at Soaring Through Second)

This cute idea has kids holding a small chalkboard (or iPad, if you’re techie!) explaining why they love their moms. Each child sits on the stool holding the chalkboard. Then you snap a quick keepsake picture for mom. It’s instant joy, especially if you have access to a picture printer or a Polaroid camera.

2. Handprint Tote Bag

(Idea from and directions available at A Mountainous Journey)

Who doesn’t love their child’s handprint? And what mom doesn’t need another tote bag? These totes are easy to make. Plus, they’ll keep kids busy decorating while you talk to them about ways they can honor mom on Mother’s Day and every day.


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