58 Year Old Atheist Turns Christian After Trying To Prove Religion Is A Conspiracy [Normie]

Excerpts from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast
Episdoe 1930 – Adam Curry: https://open.spotify.com/episode/489chEayb8doxqCYbrgjRs?si=c9f9aaba1e9a4c4c

I use tags after each video’s title as to give the viewers a ballpark estimate in regards to the nature of the content they’re about to consume:
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[Dank] = 1. edited out of context, on accasion; 2. meme material, supposed to be as fun as possible; 3. sensible initial subject, even if not altered in any way
[Normie] = edited as little as possible, as to confer the initial meaning, as it was depicted in the podcast

0:00 – Intro

Enjoy! 😀
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