5 Steps To Sharing Your Faith | Dr. John Maxwell

We often think the most important part of our faith is going to church on Sundays, reading our Bible, or joining a Bible study-but the most important part of our faith is actually sharing it. In this message from bestselling author and teaching pastor, Dr. John Maxwell, he gives 5 steps to effectively share your faith with those around you.

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Section Titles:
00:00 Introduction
1:02 My Favorite Thing To Talk About
4:02 Scripture: I Corinthians 9: 19-23
5:22 Step 1: Value People & Add Value To Them
10:46 Step 2: Embrace & Hold Fast To Your Faith
18:05 Step 3: Enter Their World To Know & Understand Them
20:34 Step 4: Be Creative in Sharing the Good News
28:00 Step 5: Never Forget Why You Entered The World
30:50 Practice Sharing Your Faith


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