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donate toys for Christmas

Want to donate toys for Christmas? As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to give back and reach out. If your church or children’s ministry conducts an annual toy drive, you’ll need to know where to donate toys.

First, however, make sure families know what types of toys to purchase or collect. Do they need to be brand new? Are used-but-clean toys okay? Other considerations include price range, age ranges, and safety. (Some places, for example, don’t accept donations of toy guns or other weapons.) Also be clear about collection deadlines, because many programs distribute toys early in December.

For maximum impact, consider supporting local kid-friendly organizations. To get started, here are ideas about where to donate toys for Christmas:

5 Places to Donate Toys for Christmas

1. Local Food Banks and Shelters

Check with nearby food banks and pantries, as well as homeless shelters and domestic violence shelters. As December approaches, many of these places conduct toy drives and hold Santa Shops. The goal is to let parents in need select items to put under the tree for their children. At other times of the year, shelters may need toys or books for waiting rooms, to keep kids occupied during consultations.

2. Children’s Hospitals or Clinics

Being sick or hospitalized is never fun but can be especially tough near the holidays. Hospitals and clinics that treat young patients often request toys near Christmastime. So your church or children’s ministry can brighten spirits and shine Jesus’ light. Check to see if you can include encouraging notes, drawings, or even photos with the toy donations.

3. Elementary Schools

In both urban and rural areas, churches now often partner with local public school systems. Especially in low-income areas, elementary schools are eager to connect with congregations for tutoring assistance and contributions. Food baskets and toys make Christmas extra-special for families with young students.


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