5 Creative Preschool Snacks for Bible Lessons


With these 6 creative preschool snacks for Bible lessons, you’ll take the truths of Scripture straight to kids’ hearts—and tummies!

5 Creative Preschool Snacks for Bible Lessons

1. Big Fish Snacks

Use this preschool snack to enhance fishy lessons such as Jonah and the big fish.

You’ll need:

  • vanilla wafers
  • vanilla pudding
  • blue food coloring
  • whipped topping
  • chocolate wafer cookies
  • clear plastic cups
  • plastic spoons

Crush vanilla wafers to form a layer of “sand” in the bottom of each cup. Spoon in vanilla pudding made with a few drops of blue food coloring. Top with whipped topping “sea foam.” Create a big fish floating in the “water” by pushing a chocolate wafer cookie halfway into the pudding sea.

Bible Connections: Creation, Genesis 1:20-23; Jonah and the Fish, Jonah 1-2; Follow Me, Mark 1:14-20; Catching Fish, John 21:1-14.

2. Red Sea Snack

Kids will enjoy parting their own Red Sea before enjoying this tasty preschool snack.

You’ll need:

  • clear 9-ounce plastic cups filled with blue gelatin (1 per child)
  • whipped topping
  • plastic spoons
  • blue sugar sprinkles

Before kids arrive, top each gelatin-filled cup with whipped topping and blue sprinkles. After a lesson on the parting of the Red Sea, serve the snack. Talk with kids about what it would’ve been like to be at the edge of the sea as it opened up for the Israelites. Then let kids use their clean fingers to part their own “sea” of whipped topping before diving into their yummy blue snack.

Bible Connection: The Exodus, Exodus 14:15-31

3. Amazing Animals Snack

You’ll need:

  • chocolate pudding
  • small paper cups
  • chocolate cookies
  • resealable plastic bags
  • plastic spoons
  • gummy animals or animal crackers

Have kids each fill a small paper cup ¾ full with chocolate pudding. Give each child one chocolate cookie. Have kids crush the chocolate cookies inside the resealable plastic bags. Use the chocolate cookie crumbs to create a “dirt” layer on top of the pudding layer. Insert gummy animals or animal crackers in the “dirt.”

Bible Connections: Creation, Genesis 1:24-25; Noah’s Ark, Genesis 7; Sheet Full of Animals, Acts 10:9-23; Animals in the Stable, Luke 2:7.

Preschool Snack Alternative: Fill celery sticks with peanut butter or cream cheese. Top the celery sticks with animal crackers.

4. Mallow Sheep

You’ll need:

  • large and miniature marshmallows
  • white frosting
  • red licorice whips
  • Red Hots candies
  • plastic knives
  • paper plates

Give each child two large marshmallows for the sheep’s body and one marshmallow for the head. Use miniature marshmallows for legs and a tail. Cut one miniature marshmallow in half vertically, and place one half on each side of the sheep’s head for ears. Use frosting to connect all the marshmallows. Create the sheep’s eyes and mouth using Red Hots candies and licorice whips, attached with frosting.

Bible Connections: Young David, 1 Samuel 16; The Shepherds, Luke 2:8-20; The Lost Sheep, Luke 15:1-7; The Good Shepherd, Psalm 23 and John 10:7-16.

5. Pools of Fish

You’ll need:

  • blue Jell-O gelatin
  • boiling water
  • cool water
  • gummy sharks
  • clear plastic cups
  • a mixing bowl
  • a mixing spoon

Combine the gelatin and boiling water in the mixing bowl, following the directions on the package. You’ll need enough gelatin for each child to have ½ cup. Add cool water, and then pour equal amounts into the clear cups.

Refrigerate the cups until the gelatin begins to thicken. Suspend gummy sharks in the middle of the gelatin cups, and then place the cups back in the refrigerator until the gelatin is set.

Bible Connections: Creation, Genesis 1:20-23; Jonah and the Fish, Jonah 1-2; Follow Me, Mark 1:14-20; Catching Fish, John 21:1-14.

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