40-week Interactive Devotional Connecting Moms, Daughters & God


Are you looking for a devotional that helps your child apply biblical principles to everyday life?

Linsey Driskill is a mother, author, and speaker who has helped lead educational awareness trips and directed the nonprofit organization, Villages of Hope.

Linsey’s book, Beautiful Hearted Women of the Bible: A Creative Mother-Daughter Devotional, published by Focus on the Family, is a unique devotional for daughters ages 6-10. Linsey’s creative and interactive 40-week devotional includes prayers, stories, Scriptures, reflective and imaginative questions, action prompts, and creative activities. A huge part of transforming young girls’ hearts to connect with both mom and Jesus is to put faith into action and develop hearts with strength, courage, and love to spread with others.

Linsey’s resources: Website, Instagram, and Facebook.

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