4 Simple Ways to Enlist Volunteer Help


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Fall festival recruiting is essential for the success of any children’s ministry harvest event. What’s the secret to recruiting? It may sound basic, but the ultimate secret to recruiting for your fall fest comes down to this. If you want volunteers, you need to ask.

Asking is the step missing in most recruitment efforts. We announce a need, create bulletin boards, post signup sheets, and even show snazzy commercials during worship services. But we don’t look potential team members in the eye and ask, “Will you help?”

If you settle for publicizing your event in the hope that publicity will generate team members, you’ll be disappointed. People will hear announcements all day long and think, “Someone should do something about this.” Not until you ask for a personal response will they add, “And maybe that someone is me.”

Here are four steps to take for fall festival recruiting. Do these and you’ll not only have the people you need. But you’ll also have the right people in the right roles!

4 Steps to Successful Fall Festival Recruiting

Step 1: Fill out the key leadership roles first.

First, find people to head Outreach, Setup, Experiences, and if you like, Preschool Activities. Please don’t skip this step or think you’ll be able to go back and slide those key leaders into place.

Start here. After those four people are on board, they’ll help recruit, too. But you’re the public face of your fall fest. Keep recruiting to support the efforts of your Leadership Team.

Step 2: Pick the low-hanging fruit first.

When you’re starting to recruit, you want to gather momentum and recruit folks who are likeliest to sign up. Go after these groups: kidmin workers, parents, grandparents, volunteers in helping ministries, and the youth group.

Some of these folks won’t have the specific skills you know you’ll need. But not every job requires specialized skills. For example, most fall festival games are easy to run.


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