4 Resources to Help Families Learn the Context of God’s Words

It is important that we teach our children about the historical, geographical, and cultural context of the Bible!

Eric and Meredith Schrotenboer are both storytellers at heart, hoping that their books can teach children the true context of the stories and events throughout the Bible!

Eric is an award-winning filmmaker and music composer, and Meredith is an award-winning journalist and news anchor. They are the creators of the award-winning Christmas resource, The Wandering Wise Men activity set, and the authors of Hear, O Little One: In the Morning and in the Evening, The Youngest Disciple, and The Mouse in the Manger. During this episode, Eric and Meredith describe how their books can be a tool to teach children the real context of the stories and events throughout the Bible while teaching them about Jesus.

The Wandering Wise Men activity set includes a book, three plush wise men, and a 37-day devotional that work together to give kids a visual of what happened with the wise men in the Bible. Hear, O Little One introduces children to the “Shema,” a sacred statement of belief that has been recited in the morning and evening through the ages, including by Jesus Himself. The Youngest Disciple takes children from the shores along the Sea of Galilee to the empty tomb in Jerusalem, helping them discover the context of the disciples in the Bible, specifically the youngest one, John. The Mouse in the Manger brings the birth of Jesus alive with illustrations that show the hospitality that was shown to Mary and Joseph and also the truth of where Jesus was born.

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