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Need fresh new ideas for kidmin valentine’s crafts? Here are four fun Valentine’s Day activities for Sunday school children. Kids will “love” making—and giving away—these heartfelt creations.

It’s the season for sharing God’s love with others. So help kids say, “I love you!” with these heartfelt children’s ministry Valentine’s Day crafts.

4 KidMin Valentine’s Crafts

1. Pop-Up Cards

When kids make these simple 3-D cards, their words of love will hop right off the page and into the hearts of their friends or family members.  


  • cardstock
  • construction paper
  • child-safe scissors
  • crayons or markers
  • glue sticks

First, kids will…

  • Decide whom to give their card to.
  • Think about what makes that person so special.
  • Silently pray and thank God for that person.

Then, kids will…valentine’s crafts

  • Fold a piece of cardstock in half.
  • In the center of the folded edge, cut a one-inch slit toward the open edges of the card. Leave a 1-inch space and cut another one-inch slit parallel to the first.
  • Open the card and pull out the strip so it creates a little step in the card.
  • Inside the card, write what they love about the recipient. Or draw that person a lovely picture!
  • Cut a heart from construction paper. These heart templates can help! Then glue the heart onto the step.
  • Test to ensure the card will close with the heart hidden inside. The heart may need to be trimmed to remain hidden inside the card.
  • Glue a piece of construction paper to the outside of the card to cover the slits.
  • Finally, write the recipient’s name on the outside of the card.

2.  Wrap n’ Roll Valentine

You’ve never seen a valentine like this before! This delightful Valentine’s craft lets upper-elementary kids wind up words of love for friends or family members.

Supplies:valentine’s crafts

  • cardstock
  • copy paper
  • child-safe scissors
  • clear tape
  • ½-inch pieces of jumbo drinking straws (2 per child)
  • regular drinking straws (1 per child)
  • pencils or markers

First, kids will…

  • Decide whom to give their wrapped-up valentine to.
  • Consider what they love about that person.
  • Silently pray and thank God for that person.

Then, kids will…valentine’s crafts

  • Cut out the largest heart that fits on 8½ x 11 cardstock.
  • Fold a piece of copy paper into fourths the long way. Then cut on the folds to make four long pieces of paper.
  • Tape the four pieces of paper together to create a long, skinny strip. Flip the strip over and tape all the seams so each side of every seam is taped smooth.
  • Tape the pieces of the jumbo straw at the top and bottom of the heart as close to the edge as possible.
  • Insert the regular straw through the jumbo straws.
  • Center the straw and tape one end of the long paper to the regular straw. Wind the length of the paper onto the straw by spinning the straw.
  • Then write messages on the paper. If kids aren’t sure what to write, encourage them to finish this sentence: “Here’s what I love about you…”
  • Wrap the paper around the straw again so it’s ready to be given away!


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