4 Faith-Building Activities for Parents to Do With Their Kids

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4 Faith-Building Activities for Parents to Do With Their Kids

Faith-Building Idea #1. Doodle Prayers

Carry a Magna Doodle drawing toy in your vehicle. On the way to school each morning, have one of your kids be responsible for doodling prayer requests for the day. After you drop off your kids at school, pray for their needs. When you pick them up at the end of the day, let them know you prayed for them, and ask how things went.

Faith-Building Idea #2. God Sighting Sticks

Use these sticks to spark conversations with your kids after school. Use a fun container to store these paper strips with conversation prompts to get kids talking about God sightings throughout their day. To make the strips more durable you can glue strips to craft sticks. Use the sticks during after-school snacks or at dinner to help your kids see how God works in their world.

I showed someone God’s love today when I...
I experienced God’s power today when...
Today God helped me at school when…
I trusted God today with…
I know God loves me because today…

Faith-Building Idea #3. Bus Stop Jingle

Sing this cute song with your kids to remind them that God is always with them as they wait for the school bus.

At the Bus Stop (to the tune of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”)

Take me out to the bus stop.
Take me out with my friends.
Buy me some school supplies, it’s okay.
Let me pray, pray, pray every day;
‘Cause I need help through the school year.
God’s with me, he’s on my side,
’cause it’s one, two, three cheers for me,
as I start school, YEA!

Faith-Building Idea #4. Blessing Cards

Help your child create a year’s worth of cards to bless classmates and teachers.

You’ll need blank greeting cards with envelopes (available at office supply stores) or card stock, various craft items for decorating, markers, a photo storage box, and a school-year calendar.

Before school starts, decorate the cards but leave the inside blank. Read aloud John 13:34-35 and discuss with your child what it means to show God’s love to others. Brainstorm different ways your child can show love to others at school. Then tell your child he or she can bless people at school by giving kids and teachers a special card during the school year.

After school starts, ask your child’s teacher if you can have a list with all the kids’ birthdates (don’t forget the teachers!). Write the dates on the calendar and have your child write a special note in a card to classmates or teachers on their birthdays. You can choose a special day during the school year to celebrate birthdays that fall during the summer months. This yearlong practice will help your child learn to be a blessing to others, and the other kids and teachers will appreciate being remembered on their special days.

The following creative children’s ministers contributed their ideas to this article: Rose Goble of Winamac, Indiana; Carmen Kamrath of Loveland, Colorado; Michelle Richards of Irmo, South Carolina; Emily Snider of Roseville, Michigan; Lisa Stadler of San Diego, California; Diane Thom of Maple Valley, Washington; Sandi Underwood of Greeneville, Tennessee; and Deb Vos of Schererville, Indiana.

Help kids build a true friendship with God!

In the Friends With God Story Bible, children meet Bible-times friends who share their thrilling stories, each from their own view.

They march side-by-side with David as he rushes toward Goliath. Turn with Peter to see Jesus alive after his resurrection. Stand next to Abraham under a glittering, star-filled sky, imagining impossible promises come true.


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