38 Ways to Stretch Your Program’s Finances


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Kidmin budget tips are always valuable, no matter the size of your children’s ministry program. Children’s ministers are constantly looking for ways to save money. So that’s why we asked experienced penny-pinching children’s ministers to share their best ideas for “streeetching” dollars.

Read on to discover 38 high-value budgeting ideas.

How to Make Your KidMin Budget Last: 38 Tips


  1. When craft supplies run low, send Needs slips to your senior citizens’ Bible study. Donating items helps older folks be part of your team.
  2. For gift baskets for Sunday school teachers, put together a sample basket early in December. Then ask the adult Bible classes to financially sponsor the baskets.
  3. Gladly accept hand-me-down equipment in good condition.
  4. Have a “baby shower” for your church nursery. Display pictures of the items you need. For example, put each item on a paper apple to be picked off a tree.
  5. At the end of each season, many greeting-card stores are willing to give away seasonal cards, wrapping paper, and novelty items.
  6. Many companies will send promotional items that you can use as prizes or craft items.
  7. Ask for food donations from restaurants or grocery stores for volunteer-appreciation events or special children’s programs.
  8. In the church bulletin, print an ongoing donations list of items you’ll need.
  9. On every brochure for a paid program, include information for people to contribute to a scholarship fund.
  10. To boost your kidmin budget, ask every family to bring one big bag of candy for your fall festival.


  1. Ask a church member to sell your church’s older toys or unneeded children’s furniture, equipment, or books in an online marketplace or garage sale.
  2. Check out whether denominations or local businesses will match funds for your fundraisers.
  3. Sell apparel such as T-shirts and sweatshirts imprinted with your church name or logo.
  4. Hold an annual children’s ministry garage sale. Ask people to donate their unwanted treasures.
  5. Sponsor a fundraising dinner. Have your children’s ministry team members each bring several casseroles and side dishes. Everything you make is pure profit.
  6. Create a registry with all your desired classroom supplies. Then promote it to your church to raise funds to buy the supplies. You can use Group’s Gift Registry to create the ministry of your dreams.


  1. Ask a local print shop to donate partial rolls or stacks of unwanted paper.
  2. For arts and crafts projects, save recyclable items. Then visit Pinterest for ideas using the items.
  3. Ask carpet stores for carpet remnants for children to sit on.

Budget Bargain-Hunting

  1. Ask every vendor you purchase from if they offer a discount for nonprofit organizations.
  2. Recruit a resource manager who’s gifted at finding the best deals in town.
  3. If the price is right, purchase items you don’t need now but will use later.
  4. Know where to shop. Frequent the bargain bins in department stores and discount stores.
  5. Have someone watch newspaper ads or emails for items on sale.


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