3 Preschool Bible Activities for Your Children’s Ministry

Looking for more preschool Bible activities? Look no further! Here are three ideas you can use in your children’s ministry this weekend.

3 Quick and Easy Preschool Bible Activities

1. Noah’s Noisy Ark

Use this fingerplay with preschoolers to explore the fun and noisy animals on Noah’s ark (Genesis 7:2-3).

The animals climbed aboard in pairs (walk pointer fingers forward)

In a row, up the stairs. (walk pointer fingers up)

On two legs, (two fingers walking on palm of other hand)

four legs, (four fingers walking on palm of other hand)

or they flew; (flap fingers on both hands)

the animals came two by two. (walk pointer fingers forward)

Cover your ears, big girls and boys. (cover your ears with your hands)

The animals made a lot of noise! (hands by mouth as if shouting above the noise)

With a cluck, (using one hand, keep fingers together, move fingers and thumb for mouth)

baaa, (switch hand, same as above)

moo, moo, moo; (switch hand, same as above)

the animals trekked two by two. (walk pointer fingers forward)

Meow, (using one hand, keep fingers together, move fingers and thumb for mouth)

chirp, (switch hand, same as above)

bark, bark, bark; (switch hand, same as above)

the animals loaded up the ark. (walk pointer fingers up)

2. Pop-Up Prayers

Help children practice thanking God anytime by playing Pop-Up Prayers.

Have a few kids sit in a circle while you stand in the center.

Say: We can thank God for his blessings anytime. I’m going to name something, and if you have it, you’ll pop up and say, “Thank you, God, for [whatever the item is].”

Play a few rounds, naming everyday things kids will and won’t have, like:

  • a pet
  • food to eat
  • a playground
  • games to play
  • a car
  • brothers and sisters
  • people who love me

Keep playing until you know each child has popped up. Close by having everyone pop up as you thank God for his love.

3. Waving in the Wind

Use these creative windsocks to teach preschoolers the importance of taking time to admire his creation, like the wind.

You’ll need:

  • construction paper
  • crepe paper
  • scissors
  • yarn
  • tape

Beforehand cut a 2 x 11 1/2-inch strip of construction paper and a 6-inch piece of yarn for each child. Cut several 12-inch crepe paper streamers for each child.

Give each child a strip of construction paper and help him or her tape the two ends together to form a ring. Set out the crepe paper streamers and have children tape streamers around the rings. Older children may wish to tear the ends of the streamers for a fringed effect.

Tape a piece of yarn on opposite sides of each ring to form a handle. Have children take their windsocks outside and watch the colorful streamers wave in the wind. Children can make smaller windsocks by using 1-inch widths cut from cardboard tubes. They can hang several of these from the bottom of a wire hanger.

Have children hold their windsocks up in the wind or wave them around if it’s a still day. As they do, lead them in the following rhyming game.

Say: Colors waving, blowing free. What bright colors do you see?

Call on a child to tell a color that he or she sees. Repeat the rhyme so each child has a turn to play.

Looking for more preschool ideas? Check out these posts! You can also check out The Humongous Book of Preschool Ideas for Children’s Ministry. This book is full of preschool ideas like games, crafts, Scripture, and finger plays that can add to your lesson.

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