3 New Nursery Ideas to Try in Your Ministry This Fall

Looking for a few new ministry ideas for this fall? Don’t forget about your youngest kids! These three nursery ideas will help.

3 New Nursery Ideas to Try in Your Ministry This Fall

Nursery Idea 1: Basket Boats

Use this activity with older toddlers to teach them about Moses.

You’ll need:

  • small paper cups
  • painter’s tape
  • a smooth table surface

Using the tape, create a “river” path along the table surface. Work with one or two toddlers at a time. Say: Moses’ mommy took care of him by making a basket that could float. God watched over baby Moses, too, by leading a princess to find his basket. Let’s make our own baskets to remember that God watches over us, too.

Give each child a small paper cup. Talk about how Moses’ mother worked to make a special basket for baby Moses to float him to safety.

Help toddlers gently “float” the baskets along the river path.

Say: God loves us and protects us like he protected baby Moses. He gives us mommies and daddies and other important people to keep us safe. Let’s thank God for keeping us safe.

Nursery Idea 2: Autumn Creation

Use this sensory experience with toddlers as you talk about how God created the seasons.

You’ll need:

Beforehand, collect items from nature related to autumn in your area, such as changing leaves to put in the bag for children to crunch or ripe apples they can hold.

Work with one or two toddlers at a time. Allow them to hold the items as you talk.

Say: God made our world. He made the seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. God made the pretty leaves we see on the trees in the fall. He made tasty apples we can eat in the fall. Let’s say thank you to God!

Encourage toddlers to hold up an item and with you say, “Thank you, God!”

If possible, clean the items after each use.

Nursery Idea 3: Cuddle Time

Use this rhyme as a way to connect with infants in your care.

Hold an infant and cuddle him or her as you say the following rhyme.

Jacob loved his little boy; Joseph was his name.
He dreamed lots of happy dreams; each night it was the same.
“You’re God’s precious little child; God has a dream for you.
I’m praying you’ll discover it, just like God planned you to.”

Before moving on to care for another infant, pray aloud for God’s blessing on this baby’s life and for loving family relationships throughout the child’s life.

Say: Dear God, help this child grow up understanding that [he or she] is loved by you. In Jesus’ name, amen.

For more nursery ideas, check out Love, Your Friend Jesus: Notes From Jesus for Little Ones. This fun, brand-new book is designed especially for little ones to help start their relationship with Jesus. Looking for more fall ideas? Check these out! And for even more ideas and daily posts of inspiration, follow us on Facebook!

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