3 Little Ways To Make Big Impact in a Digital World


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Have your kids ever used a rotary phone? Have they ever watched television on a box TV with knobs for a remote? Have they ever heard of an ancient artifact called a cassette player?

These things that used to be a real part of our lives growing up might not even be identifiable to our children. But not all things of the past are dead and gone. And not all things of the future are always better.

In a fast-paced world where everything seems to have gone digital, relationships sometimes suffer rather than thrive because we’ve neglected some of the old proven tools.

Here are a few small things that you can do (and teach your kids to do) that can still make a huge impact in a digital world.

1. A Handwritten Note Rather Than a Text or Email

I love being able to be connected instantly through text and email.

But sometimes, there are much more personal and meaningful ways to communicate, especially when it comes to showing gratitude and appreciation.

One of the best ways I know is a handwritten note.

Last month our teenage boys wrote a thank you note to someone who has invested in them in multiple ways.

They were surprised the next time they saw them and they immediately said, “You don’t know just how much that note meant to me. Thank you.”

A handwritten note of thanks or encouragement is powerful because it implies careful thought and intentionality.

2. A Personal Visit Rather Than a Call or Text

In our culture, it’s much less common anymore to just show up unexpectedly on someone’s doorstep. And so often, we just don’t.

But at times, it can be super meaningful, especially to the elderly or shut-ins, when you visit them in their homes.

Our family recently visited a shut-in widower, and he said, “I enjoy the phone calls, but they just aren’t quite the same as a personal visit.”

There’s something powerful about being able to connect face-to-face with someone lonely or hurting.

Why? Love sometimes seems a whole lot easier to pass through you as a person than through you on a phone.

3. An Actual Prayer Rather Than Just a Personal Response That You’ll Pray

In the world of social media, we can let everyone know our prayer requests with the click of a button.

And people can reply that they’re praying in an instant. And believe me, I’m thankful for that.

However, sometimes we need to follow the Spirit’s leading and pick up the phone to call and actually pray with that someone.

Because 100 people replying that they’ll pray can be powerful, but maybe not as impactful as one person calling to pray with them verbally and personally.


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