3 Christmastime Activities for Your Nursery Classroom

Looking for new Christmastime nursery activity ideas? Here are three new ideas for your children’s ministry.

My Christmastime Baby Book

Make a baby book for Christmas to show little ones that Jesus was a baby.

As you share the book with babies, talk about the smiles and happy faces in the book.

Say: Jesus was a baby once. He was born at Christmas. Jesus loves you, and Jesus loves your family.

Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus!

Use a baby doll to help children remember that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday.

You’ll need:

Sit with a few toddlers in a circle, and read or tell about Jesus’ birth. Then rock the baby doll back and forth in your arms. As you do, say along with the children, “It’s Christmastime! Happy birthday, baby Jesus!”

Pass the baby doll to the next child in the circle. Have the child rock the baby as you all say, “It’s Christmastime! Happy birthday, baby Jesus!” Continue passing the doll until it returns to you. (As an alternative, if your children don’t want to pass the baby, you can hold it, covering the doll’s face with the blanket. Invite each child to come up and uncover the doll’s face as you say, “Happy birthday, baby Jesus!”)

Jesus Said, “Follow Me!”

This active song will help little ones understand the life of Jesus. Sing these words to the tune of “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”

Jesus said, “Stand up and walk. (start by sitting; then stand up)
Stand up and walk; stand up and walk.” (walk in place)
Jesus said, “Stand up and walk. (sit down, stand up)
Stand up, and walk with me!” (walk in place)

Jesus said, “Please follow me! (wave to self)
Follow me; follow me.” (walk around the room, children following)
Jesus said, “Please follow me. (jump or hop around the room)
Follow where I lead.” (raise arms while children follow)

Jesus said, “Please watch and pray. (hand above eyes, palm down)
Watch and pray; watch and pray.” (palms together, praying hands)
Jesus said, “Please watch and pray. (hand above eyes, palm down)
Watch and pray for me.” (kneel and pray)

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