3 Big Things Today’s Kids Are Looking For


kids are looking for

I often say that today’s kids are not the same as when we were kids. Childhood has changed…drastically.

But in spite of all the changes, there are three things that today’s kids are looking for. These are things that every child longs for.

Let’s see what they are.

1. Relationships

A relationship with their parents. A relationship with those who lead them. A relationship with a caring volunteer. A relationship with their grandparents and other family members.

They want to know that they are loved. They want to know that there are people who have their back. They want to know that there are people who really do care about them. They want to know that they have leaders that can help guide them toward God’s plan for their life.

Today’s kids won’t come back to church because the church has a playground or a cool building or fun videos. They are growing up in a world of technology, virtual reality toys, and all the cool things they can cram into their life are available.

While these things will get them into your church doors, it won’t keep them coming back.  What will keep kids and families coming back? Relationships. 

Does this mean we should we pull back from doing fun games, crazy videos, dynamic lessons, awesome crafts, etc. as part of our teaching strategy?

No. All of these things are great…as long as they help build and strengthen relationships with the kids.

No child should be left alone sitting by themselves or stuck in a row of chairs that aren’t conducive to helping kids form relationships with other kids.

Kids will come back to church because Mr. Jim cares about them. Kids will come back because they know Mrs. Smith will ask them how their week went. Kids will come back because they have established relationships with other kids in the room.

What they need from us is to give them opportunities to build relationships. Games can build relationships. Small group discussions can build relationships.  Praying together in their group can build relationships. Purposeful icebreakers can help build relationships.


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