2 Resources for Praying for Special Needs Children & Helping Kids Feel Loved


“And my hope and prayer is that through Special Grace, we might be able to feel a little bit less alone. In the prayers, I deliberately wrote them all saying our child, not my child. – Elrena Evans.

Elrena Evans is the author of When I Go to Church, I Belong and Special Grace: Prayers and Reflections for Families with Special Needs. She is a mother of five and lives in Pennsylvania. When she’s not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, dancing, reading, trying to learn how to garden, and making spreadsheets.

During this episode, Elrena Evans shares her journey of raising a child with special needs and her inspiration behind writing her book, Special Grace: Prayers and Reflections for Families with Special Needs. Elena’s candid account of navigating the challenges of parenting a neuroatypical child during the pandemic offers hope and reassurance to parents in similar situations.

She also discusses her heartwarming children’s book, When I Go to Church, I Belong, which emphasizes the importance of inclusivity and meeting the diverse needs of children within the church community.

Key Takeaways:

  • Seeking prayers for specific situations not found in existing prayer books.
  • Addressing the increase in families dealing with special needs children.
  • Encouragement for stressed-out moms and where to find strength and the importance of feeling supported and not alone in the journey.
  • Emotional involvement in the prayers due to personal experiences.
  • Reading certain prayers for when parents feel like they’re failing in different aspects.
  • The hope that all children feel welcome, loved, and that they belong in church.

“ That’s my hope and prayer for all children everywhere, that when they show up at church, they will see the hands and feet of Jesus, and they will feel loved, and they will know that they belong.” – Elrena Evans.

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