19 Book of Psalms: SCOURBY DRAMATIZED KJV AUDIO BIBLE with music, sounds effects and many voices

https://YouBible.net TURN ON SUBTITLES IN YOUTUBE by tapping on (CC) for AUDIO BIBLE and TEXT SYNCED together. The reader is Alexander Scourby, who the Chicago Tribune wrote, “has the greatest voice ever recorded, and “Worlds best audio book narrator, bar none”

Theology Degrees rated the SCOURBY AUDIO BIBLE APP # 1. Litchfield Associates, owns the copyright in this work. ©Litchfield Associates, all rights reserved, unauthorized duplication and downloading is prohibited. Users can download personal copies of a Mp3 AUDIO BIBLE at https://YouBible.net

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We hope these readings, by Alexander Scourby, will be a continuing blessing and a continual lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path.

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