15 Beautiful Christmas Duets for Church


It’s always a great time to sing, but there’s something about Christmas time, especially, that just makes you want to sing and dance. Christmas music warms hearts, lifts spirits and spreads joy. And listening to someone sing a Christmas song is even more enjoyable. One thing that can make singing more fun or less scary in front of a crowd is singing with other people. Whether you’re in a choir, in a small group, or just want to do a duet, there are many Christmas songs to choose from. If you’re looking for a piece to perform at your congregation this year, this list of fifteen Christmas duets for church has a lot of great options and examples! 

15 Perfect Christmas Songs to Sing at Church

O, Holy Night by Lucy and Martha Thomas

When most people think of a duet, they tend to think of male and female performance, but there are many songs that are great for two men or two women to perform. This duet is performed by two sisters, and it’s a great option for any denomination of church. 

Noel By Caleb + Kelsey

Caleb and Kelsey have MANY different duets and covers on their channel. They are truly amazing singers. Their performance of ‘Noel’ is no exception. It is an intense, powerful piece that is sure to wow your congregation. 

Mary, Did You Know? By Chandler Moore & Lizzie Morgan

This duet is a little bit longer than most, but it is such a powerful message. It is sure to move and inspire the audience, and they might just join in with you! Chandler and Lizzie perform it with such grace! 

What Child is This?/ I Wonder as I Wander by Gentri

This performance is actually done by three men, but it would work however few or many people you would like to perform it with! It’s less common to find a group of men singing, than a man and a woman, or multiple women, so this is a great example to check out if you are considering a men’s duet piece. 

The Prayer by Mat & Savanna Shaw

A father and daughter duo sing this beautiful version of ‘Mary, Did You Know?’. This would be an excellent piece to sing at church during Christmas time for family members or friends. It’s beautiful and is perfect for any pairing.

The First Noel by Claire Crosby and Family

This video is sure to melt your heart! The majority of this song is sun by a little girl who is so fun to watch. The rest of her family also sings and plays instruments during the piece. It’s not just fun to listen to, but it’s great to watch the video as well! 

A Christmas Hallelujah by Cassandra & Callahan Star 

This is another family duo performance. A woman and her younger sister perform this piece beautifully. They both have such wonderful voices, and the way they sing this song brings chills. 

O Come Let Us Adore Him by Chandler Moore & Jekalyn

Another popular Christmas song performed in such an awe inspiring way! There are many different people who contribute to and perform in this song. It’s a powerful performance and it would make a wonderful song to sing for church, no matter the size of the group.

Silent Night by Kelly Clarkson, featuring Trisha Yearwood and Reba McEntire

All of these women are amazing singers. But Silent Night is the perfect song for people who are looking for a simple, easy-to-remember piece to perform. It’s performed by three women in this performance, but it can easily be adapted for two.

If I Were There by Angie Killian and Monica Scott

‘If I Were There’ is perfect as a duet for kids to sing as part of a Primary or a youth group. It’s written from a child’s perspective of wondering what it would be like if they were there on the night of our Savior’s birth. 

Pie Jesu by Mat and Savanna Shaw feat. The Lux Singers

If you’re looking for a piece with lots of opportunities for solos, as well as group singing, this is the perfect Christmas duet for a choir to join together with for this song praising Jesus during Christmas time. 

The Manger by Anne Wilson and Josh Turner

If you’re looking for an upbeat Christmas song that still sends a powerful message, this is it! It’s not the typical church duet, but it could easily be adapted for any church setting, especially a Christmas party. 

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing by The Crosby Family

Here is another beautiful performance by the Crosby family. It’s a great inspirational video if you’re looking to perform this piece. This video shows lots of different people participating but could easily be adapted for just a duet.

Angels We Have Heard (Glory Be) by Mat and Savanna Shaw

Glory Be is a popular Christmas song that you have likely heard a million times, but the way Mat and Savanna perform it is so special. It exemplifies a beautiful man and woman duo whose voices complement each other so well. 

The Blessing by Caleb + Kelsey

Caleb and Kelsey have so many wonderful covers on their channel. They have an entire Christmas/worship album full of ideas and inspiration, if you are looking for a song to perform at church.

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Final Thoughts On These Christmas Duets for Church

We hope you enjoyed this list of beautifully sung Christmas duets. If you’re looking for a Christmas song to perform at church, a worship event, or a Christmas party, you are sure to find one to inspire you from this list! If you know of any other Christmas songs, or worship songs that you would add to this list, be sure to comment below! 


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