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minute to win it games

Minute to Win It games are ideal for kidmin programs. They’re brief, action-packed, and children love them! Quick games get kids involved and invested in the day’s lesson. Also, they help build community and are fun for regular attendees and visitors alike. When students have fun in your Sunday school classes, they’re more likely to return—and to invite friends!

With minute to win it games, you can offer small prizes or simply a round of applause. The point isn’t the competition. Instead, focus on the bonding that happens when groups have fun together.

So check out the wide variety of minute-to-win-it games below. Then adapt them for your children’s ministry classes or programs.

Pro Tips: Minute to win it games are great for community events. And you can enlist youth group members to serve as helpers. Teens love minute to win it games as well!

Minute to Win It Games for Kids: 12 Resources

The links below lead to dozens of wild and wacky games for children’s ministry. Use the ideas that best fit your kids’ ages and abilities. When possible, tailor games to that day’s Bible lesson or theme. And if food is involved, be aware of any allergies and try to minimize waste.

Have fun with these adventurous activities!

1. Old Testament Games

These minute to win it games feature themes and stories from the Old Testament…

2. New Testament Games

…and these activities feature themes and stories from the New Testament.

3. 45 Minute to Win It Games

Many of these suggestions are physical challenges. Cheer kids on to do their best!

4. Fun Minute-to-Win-It Games

These 13 games are sure to bring out smiles and laughter.

5. Family Game Night

If your kidmin or church hosts a family game night, break out these minute-to-win-it activities.

6. Party Games for Kids

Many of these minute to win it games are perfect for a party or celebration.


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