10 Tips to Manage Kids’ Stress Levels in Your Children’s Ministry

Kids seem to be incredibly stressed nowadays. Here are 10 tips to reduce the stress level of children in your ministry.

Let’s face it: It can be stressful working in children’s ministry. But, as taxing as our lives can be, it’s good to remember that kids feel stress and anxiety, too. Growing up has never been easy, and with today’s challenges, it is even harder. Stress is all around, and kids’ outward behaviors may communicate their inward anxiety.

10 Tips to Help Children Reduce Stress

Here are 10 tips to help reduce the stress level of the children in your ministry:

  1. Establish a repeatable routine that you and the kids you lead can settle into.
  2. Give kids a chance to transition after activities. Plan your time wisely so you don’t rush kids.
  3. Calm yourself before teaching. Stress seems to be contagious, and kids can pick up when your stress level is off the charts.
  4. Get kids physically active. Have a particularly anxious bunch? Stop the lesson and let them run a few laps in or do some simple, fun exercises. Work the stress out.
  5. Offer healthy food during snack time.
  6. Choose a curriculum that intentionally creates space for kids to talk about and process their feelings with loving leaders. Check out Simply Loved, DIG IN, or BE BOLD.
  7. Be authentic and honest with kids. Share stories from your own life about how your friendship with Jesus has helped you navigate stressful times.
  8. Remember that games don’t always have to be about competition. Come up with a challenge and let kids work together and use their problem solving skills. You’ll find lots of games ideas here!
  9. Have kids breathe slowly in and out. Consider tying it into the lesson with by using Psalm 150:6 or Genesis 2:7.
  10. Incorporate music with movement. Letting kids sing or do sign language to worship music is a great way to calm stressed minds. Need to purchase some new music videos for your ministry? Check out these great songs!
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