10 Pieces of Christian Marriage Advice

Today, we want to give you ten pieces of Christian marriage advice for a strong, loving, Christ-centered marriage. In our faith, marriage is a special bond. By following these principles, you can strengthen your relationship and honor God’s plan for marriage.

The Biblical Foundation of Christian Marriage

Christian marriage is rooted in the Bible. It’s a divine union blessed by God, and understanding this foundation is essential. Here are ten pieces of advice to help you on this beautiful journey:

Advice #1: Start with Prayer

In a Christian marriage, beginning the day with prayer invites God into your home and heart. It’s a beautiful way to seek His guidance, blessings, and wisdom for your journey together. Start your day with prayer to align your hearts with God’s will and remember He’s the foundation of your marriage. This daily act of devotion strengthens your connection not only with God but with each other as well.

Set aside a special time each morning or evening for shared prayer. As you pray together, express your gratitude for each other, and your hopes and concerns, and seek God’s direction for your lives and marriage. When you include prayer in your daily routine, it strengthens your spiritual connection as a couple and brings you closer to God.

Advice #2: Love Unconditionally

Unconditional love is a foundational concept in Christianity. It’s a love that transcends human flaws and shortcomings, mirroring the love that Jesus has for us. In your marriage, it means loving your spouse without conditions, expectations, or limits. Love your spouse not for perfection, but for accepting them as they are.

Embrace opportunities to express your love through kind words, affection, and acts of service. Be quick to apologize and forgive, and never use love as a bargaining tool. Loving without conditions creates safety and nurtures growth, letting partners feel truly cherished.

Advice #3: Effective Communication

Effective communication is the lifeblood of a successful Christian marriage. Communication is not just talking. It’s also about listening, understanding, and expressing thoughts and feelings openly and honestly. Healthy communication builds trust and emotional intimacy.

Set aside dedicated time for meaningful conversations, free from distractions. When you talk about problems, try to listen with empathy and really understand your spouse’s point of view, even if it’s different from yours. Use “I” statements to express your feelings and needs, which encourages open dialogue and minimizes defensiveness.

Advice #4: Seek Forgiveness and Offer Grace

In a Christian marriage, forgiveness and grace are integral. Just as God forgives us for our sins, we are called to forgive our spouses when they make mistakes. Offering grace means extending kindness, understanding, and compassion, even when it may not be deserved.

Cultivate a habit of apologizing sincerely when you’ve wronged your spouse and be quick to offer forgiveness when they seek it. Avoid holding onto past grievances, and instead, practice letting go of grudges, allowing room for growth and healing in your relationship.

Advice #5: Put God First

Placing God at the center of your marriage is a powerful way to honor His plan for your relationship. By prioritizing your faith and making decisions together that align with God’s teachings, you create a Christ-centered marriage.

Attend church services and engage in faith-based activities together as a couple. Develop the habit of praying together for guidance in decisions and strength in marriage. Studying the Bible as a couple can also help deepen your faith and understanding of God’s plan for your lives. With God as your foundation, your marriage will be resilient and deeply rooted in your shared beliefs.

Advice #6: Maintain Intimacy

In a Christian marriage, intimacy is more than just physical. It also includes emotional and spiritual closeness. Maintaining intimacy is about keeping the spark alive, even after years of marriage. It’s crucial for keeping your bond strong.

Plan regular date nights or weekend getaways to reconnect and strengthen your emotional bond. Communication is key; discuss your desires, needs, and dreams openly with your spouse. Don’t underestimate the power of physical affection – hugs, kisses, and kind words can keep the flame of physical intimacy burning bright. By nurturing both emotional and physical intimacy, you’ll continue to grow closer over the years.

Advice #7: Financial Stewardship

Financial stewardship in a Christian marriage means managing your finances in a way that honors God. It’s about recognizing that money is a resource entrusted to you by Him and using it wisely. When you’re good stewards of your finances, you reduce the financial stress that can strain marriages.

Create a budget that reflects your financial goals and priorities as a couple. Save money for the future and emergencies, as well as for giving to others in need. Avoid excessive debt and make wise spending decisions. By managing your finances in a responsible and God-honoring manner, you can build financial security and harmony in your marriage.

Advice #8: Patience and Humility

Patience and humility are virtues that contribute to the strength of a Christian marriage. Being patient means not getting angry easily and forgiving quickly. Humility is about recognizing your flaws and being open to personal development.

When conflicts arise, take a deep breath and count to ten before responding. Avoid reacting in anger, which can escalate disagreements. Instead, calmly express your feelings and work toward a resolution. Humility involves recognizing your own faults and being open to change and growth. Marriage requires give and take, and by practicing patience and humility, you can foster a harmonious and loving relationship.

Advice #9: Community Support

Seek support from your Christian community, whether it’s through your church or close friends who share your faith. Mentors, fellow couples, and church resources can provide valuable guidance and wisdom as you navigate the journey of marriage.

Consider joining a small group or participating in marriage enrichment programs at your church. Connecting with couples who have been married longer can provide valuable insights. Don’t hesitate to seek counseling or advice when you face challenges. By building a supportive community, you create a network of encouragement and guidance that can strengthen your marriage.

Advice #10: Continual Growth and Learning

A thriving Christian marriage requires ongoing growth and learning. Just as we grow in our faith, we should continually grow in our roles as spouses. Marriage workshops, books, and courses can provide valuable tools for personal and relational growth.

Attend marriage enrichment workshops or seminars, both alone and as a couple. If you read books and articles about marriage, relationships, and faith, you can gain new perspectives and insights. Stay open to learning and adapting as your relationship evolves. By making a commitment to continual growth and learning, you’ll ensure that your marriage remains vibrant and ever-deepening.

Learn With ORBC

In your journey as a Christian couple, remember that God’s love is your guide. These ten pieces of advice are like stepping stones on the path to a thriving Christian marriage. As you implement them in your life, you’ll find that your love deepens, your bond strengthens, and your marriage becomes a testament to God’s grace.

We’d love to hear from you! Have you found success in your marriage by following these pieces of advice? Do you have additional tips to share? Leave your thoughts in the comments, and let’s continue this important conversation.

For more resources and guidance on building a strong Christian marriage, feel free to reach out to us at Oak Ridge Baptist Church. We’re here to support you on your journey of faith and love.

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