10 Last-Minute Games for Children’s Ministry


Looking for some quick, no-prep games to add to your lessons? We’ve got you covered with 10 of our favorite last-minute games.

10 Last-Minute Games for Children’s Ministry

1. Quick, Easy, No-Prep Game: 3 Big Breaths

In this quick, easy, no-prep game, kids explore how Jesus calms our fears as they react to “scary” scenarios (Bible story: Jesus walks on water).

2. Children’s Ministry Game for All Ages: Lighthouse

This children’s ministry game helps kids discover how Jesus is the light of the world as they explore the importance of light (Bible story: Jesus, the Light of the World, is born).

3. Fun, Simple, Mystery Game: Nod, Hide

This game is sure to bring fun and mystery! Kids explore how God works through unlikely people and review the story of Rahab (Bible story: God sends Rahab to protect spies).

4. Quick, No-Supply Activity: On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

In this quick, no-supply activity, kids consider how God hears our prayers as they play a game based on timing (Bible story: God hears Zechariah’s prayer).

5. Quick Game for All Ages: Change It Up

This simple and quick game is for all ages, where kids do some improv acting as they learn how Jesus changes our lives (Bible story: God changes Saul’s life).

6. Simple No-Prep Activity: Unwelcome Home!

When you have extra time in your lesson, consider using this simple, no-prep activity where kids play a version of Capture the Flag and learn how Jesus loves us no matter what (Bible story: Parable of the prodigal son).

7. No-Prep, No-Supply Game: What’s on My Head?

In this no-prep, no-supply game, kids play a version of Charades as they discover that Jesus is powerful (Bible story: Jesus passes on his power).

8. Simple Last-Minute Activity: Soldier On

In this last-minute activity, kids race across the room wearing imaginary armor as they discover that God is strong (Bible story: God’s armor gives us strength).

9. Fun and Quick Team Activity: Touch the Floor

When you have extra time to spare, consider using this simple team activity where kids discover that God helps us get along (Bible story: God helps Abigail make peace).

10. Simple Partner Activity: Fearless Noses

In this simple partner activity, kids lead blind partners around the room as they explore how God is bigger than our fears (Bible story: God gives Caleb courage).

All these last-minute games come from DIG IN Children’s Church. When you have extra time you need to fill, DIG IN Children’s Church has got you covered with the Overtime Activity block, where you’ll find activities like these ones that require no supplies and no prep! For even more game ideas, check out these posts!

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