10 Important Times to Talk to God

Do you pray with your children or merely for your children? Yes, it’s incredibly important to pray for your kids. Pray for them when they’re sick, facing a tough situation, and facing temptation. But you also should be praying with your children.

Whether in a Sunday school classroom or at home, you can share with kids the wide-ranging situations that warrant prayer. If you’re a children’s ministry worker, share these insights with parents too!

10 Important Times to Pray With Your Children

Consider all these opportunities to model the power of prayer for kids.

1. A faith-commitment prayer. 

First and foremost, parents should lead children in a prayer of salvation. You can set up a process to help this happen. Instead of praying a salvation prayer in class, when parents aren’t around, set up a class that parents and kids attend together. Share a clear Gospel presentation. Then give parents the opportunity to lead children in a prayer of salvation.

We have a solid curriculum for this class. Thousands of parents have led their children to Jesus using these materials. Read more at this link.

2. When preparing to travel.

Next, hit the road (or the skies). I remember my father always stopping to pray with us before we pulled out of the driveway. He asked God to bless us and keep us safe from any danger we may face. Now I do the same thing with my family.

3. Meal time.

Rather than rushing to dig in because everyone’s famished, pause to bow your head and thank the Lord for the food and provisions. Praying with your child before meals is something they can pass on to future generations.

4. Bedtime.

Bedtime prayers are special. They can powerfully impact your child’s life. Help kids keep a list of things they’re praying for. Rejoice with children when God answers prayers.

5. When facing a big challenge.

Perhaps it’s a big test at school. Moving and switching to a new school. Overcoming a big fear. Standing up to a bully on the playground. Model to children that prayer is the first step when facing any big challenge.

6. When tragedy strikes.

Maybe a grandparent or special person passes away. Or there’s an impending natural disaster. Help calm children’s fears by praying with your child.

7. Starting the day.

Pray with your child as they start their day. Ask God to be with them and help them make wise choices. Ask God to direct their steps, bless their day, and help them stand for Him.

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