10 Ideas to Help Your Child Grasp Their True Worth & Build Self-esteem

How can we help our children find their identity through Christ?

Today, children believe their self-worth is measured by what people say about them or by what they see and hear on social media. But it can be difficult for them to build self-esteem if they don’t understand that they were made in the image of the creator of all things! We can also help them recognize that they are so much more valuable than what others say about them or how they feel about themselves. This is because God created all of us for a specific purpose.

One of the most beneficial tasks we as parents can do when trying to build self-esteem in children is to make sure that we see our self-worth and love ourselves too. It will not benefit anyone if we try to teach our children principles that we don’t emulate ourselves!

During this episode, Lee Ann dives into ten ideas and tips to help you and your children grasp your true worth and build self-esteem.
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