10 Ideas for Team Bonding With Your Volunteers

10 Ideas for Team Bonding

Use these 10 ideas to bond your volunteer team together and create lasting relationships.

1. Affirmations

Regularly share great qualities you spot in each volunteer. Use the fruit of the Spirit or other biblical qualities as a starting point. Share the qualities during a meeting or write them down.

2. Coupon books

Make a coupon book for each person on your team. Fill it with affirmations such as, “I wish you a great day!” Encourage team members to express caring by handing out coupons from time to time.

3. Prayer

The leadership team that prays together stays together. Divide your volunteers into prayer teams and encourage them to meet each week to pray together. If they can’t, encourage them to briefly touch base with each other so they can pray effectively.

4. Role reversal

Have a special day or time when you switch jobs and work in someone else’s office or at someone’s desk. You’ll understand other people’s work situations and struggles better.

5. Ministry project

Find a ministry project for your leadership team that builds team qualities and spirit. Do this without public recognition so glory-hounding doesn’t get in the way. Make sure the project has nothing to do with your ministry area so all team members are working on the same level.

6. Meals

Plan meals together at a variety of times to meet your volunteers’ needs and schedules. Have brown-bag meals, potlucks, holiday feasts, and ethnic meals (pray for missionaries in that country).

7. Encouragement cards

Design a simple encouragement card for your volunteers to exchange. No one ever gets too much encouragement.

8. Secret pals

Have volunteers each draw a name and then anonymously do things for their secret pal. Team members build accountability throughout this activity because they’re committed to other people.

9. Information book

Compile a book of facts about your volunteers. Include information such as favorite desserts, important dates, family information, and so on. Make the book available to your volunteer team and the congregation.

10. Suggestion box

Put a suggestion box outside your office, and encourage your volunteers to use it frequently.

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