10 Armor of God Activities for Sunday School

The helmet of salvation is a vital part of the armor of God. In Ephesians 6:10-18, the apostle Paul describes what Christ’s followers should “put on” to defend against Satan and his evil schemes. Thankfully God doesn’t leave us to fend for ourselves. Instead, he provides us with all we need to stand strong in faith.

For younger children, learning about the armor of God might seem scary. So use age-appropriate descriptions and activities. Emphasize that God protects us when we trust in him and his power.

Thanks to Paul’s vivid imagery, it’s exciting to teach (and learn) about the helmet of salvation and God’s armor. The Bible passage is essentially an object lesson built into Scripture. So Sunday school teachers have many opportunities to incorporate visuals and illustrations.

To get started, use these helmet of salvation activities with your classes.

Helmet of Salvation Activities for Sunday School

Some of these creative ideas also will work for children’s church, small groups, and family devotions.

1. God’s Protective Gear

Use this object lesson that features something children can relate to: protective gear for riding a skateboard. BONUS: For older kids learning the Ephesians 6 passage by memory, use this fill-in-the-blank worksheet.

2. God’s Armor: Helmet of Salvation

This lesson plan explains why guarding our thoughts and minds is so important. At the end, you’ll find questions for small-group discussions, plus a Bible verse challenge.

3. Protect Your Head

Use this brief video to remind kids why the helmet of salvation is so crucial. It’s the last item soldiers put on before heading into battle. Plus, the helmet protects our mind from Satan’s many attacks.

4. Salvation Hats

Play this active game in an open area. It’s a version of Freeze Tag and comes with discussion points for an Armor of God lesson.

5. Nature Walk

When weather permits, use this helmet of salvation nature walk to learn more about God’s amazing (and free!) gift.

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